The Red Nose Show

This is Theatre of Fool’s classic show that has toured to the other side of the globe and across the United States. Lloyd Brant and Rosie Cole deftly blend buffoonery, the musical washboard, and raw eggs to cook up a delightful show for all ages.

Fool’s Medicine

Theatre of Fools presents a 21st century medicine show. The pitch is our Emergency Clown Nose®. A clown nose in a medicine jar, distilling into a bottle the philosophy of healing through laughter. Our show sets out to prove that laughter is the best medicine.

The Wacky Chicken Show

The Wacky Chicken Show uses the age-old metaphor of the chicken and egg as symbols of life, weaving a hysterically funny, ultimately thoughtful and joyful story of human yearning, failure and spiritual triumph—while clucking, strutting, and laying eggs. Lloyd Brant and Rosie Cole have performed their popular show at festivals across the USA.

A Life of Serious Nonsense

A Life of Serious Nonsense is a play about the tenacity of love surviving the flaws, blunders and stupidities of living a lifetime with another clown. Because it’s a love story it of course involves pain, suffering, and the healing power of laughter. Our foolish lovers tell their tale with a broken rose, a scuffed-up snare drum, and their trademark Emergency Clown Nose®.